Data Collection Technologies

Data Collection Technologies: Survey Information System

Any type of survey can include unintentional biases but at Sigma 6 we produce the highest possible quality data reports to provide our clients with the most reliable and accurate information.
Using our vast expertise in recruiting, training and managing complex transportation projects we specialize in the development of information systems such as our innovative technological 'Pristo' platform allowing us to collect and analyze data with unprecedented accuracy to obtain the highest possible quality of data which can be analyzed in real time, maximizing the survey process and producing top quality files.

Pristo's most prominent features include:

Questionnaire Generator

This feature allows our clients to create smart complex questionnaires and efficiently access their collected data. Using advanced options including displaying only certain questions, defining quality assurance tests or even designing the form on their own, these advanced capabilities allow clients access to the most advanced and sophisticated set of tools for each survey both quickly and efficiently.

Reports interface

The Pristo dashboard displays the updated data online as live reports so that irregularities can be identified in real time and reacted to accordingly; such as identifying when surveyors interview more men than women or older rather than younger interviewees. Users can also choose to display management reports separately for each management team.

Logical checks

This feature allows customers to pre-define a set of tests for each survey. The platform can automatically run these predefined tests and can cross-check relevant data from a number of sources. If there are any irregularities the system will alert the user.

Telephone feedback about our surveyors

We invest man power hours in personally calling our interviewees for quality assurance purposes to receive feedback about our surveyors.
The 'Pristo' system includes features which allows us to manage this task, setting up the calls, recording the calls and even managing the calls by recommending which questions should be asked according to our client's predetermined settings.

Technology for conducting household travel habits surveys

Household travel habits surveys are complex in terms of methodology as well as technology as they requires two interviews per household, the tracking of household members with a GPS device, analysis and mapping of their activities and the creation of a travel log to document household travel habits surveys.

The ‘Pristo’ system is an ideal solution because its smart tools include:

Smart Forms

Our platform creates split forms, designed especially for recruitment as well as retrieval interviews. Our system aggregates the data that is collected throughout the surveying period, making it possible to cross-check data collected at all stages of the survey.

Connectivity to GPS devices

our smart API syncs with different types of hardware allowing retrieval of GPS data, mobile applications, smart clocks and other similar devices.

View of passenger’s route and creation of a travel log

The GPS database is stored in the system after complex processing. The system displays the passenger’s activities as a travel log indicating start and finish times and the passenger’s mode of transportation. Additional travel logs are produced for each additional household member.