field surveys, door to door surveys, transportation surveys

At Sigma 6 we believe that field surveys are powerful and highly effective analysis tools which we use when conducting tailor-made surveys up and down the country. Our team of surveyors undergo professional training to suit the relevant research population. We specialize in face to face interviews and web surveys in particular in the area of Transportation. Some examples include Public Transit surveys, "Onboard", household travel habits surveys and public transportation service quality metrics.

In order to ensure the utmost quality of data collection and analysis for our clients, we manage a large team of professional surveyors that ensure extensive monitoring and an experienced team of managers who work closely with the survey team. Our innovative technological solutions such as the 'Pristo' platform allows us to collect and analyze data with unprecedented accuracy to obtain the highest possible quality of data.


Household travel habits survey

The household travel habits survey is critical for transportation planning. Data collected via this survey allows for optimal transportation planning including the building of bridges, paving of roads and positioning of new public transportation stops. This survey is conducted using our innovative method of surveyors, GPS trackers and our exclusively designed in-house software.

The 'Pristo' collection and analysis solution gathers and automatically analyses data, immediately detecting any irregularities, allowing our surveyors to double check the information in real time to ensure a smarter unparalleled data collection solution


Public Transportation Passenger Survey (‘On-Board’)

When planning new public transportation facilities, companies first aim is to identify supply and demand and market potential prior to offering new services or removing an old one. In order to clearly define public transportation needs, companies conduct a public transportation passenger survey ('On-Board') which maps passengers along their route at any given location. This survey provides our clients with an extensive database of the number of passengers at each stop, on every route, at any given time. A large sample of the passengers are interviewed personally to examine the current market demand against existing trends.

Our smart data platform collects and monitors data to produce:

  • A sampling plan based on statistical parameters that are derived from the route’s schedule
  • A work plan based on the schedule (GTFS) based on predefined time, location or manpower limitations
  • Accurate data collection via GPS trackers
  • An algorithm that allows our clients to collect and monitor data collected via GPS trackers to sync passenger's movements with the actual route stops
  • An alert system that detects irregularities in the data collection process
  • Innovative reporting tools including easy export options of data files in several formats

Our unique data collection methodology works according to the strictest quality control of statistical bias to avoid irregularities and provide the highest possible standards of data collection.


Public Transportation Service Quality Metrics

Public transportation companies constantly aim to improve their services to ensure passenger satisfaction. Sigma 6 excels at monitoring, analyzing, documenting and reporting public transportation passenger satisfaction, as well as identifying customer service strengths and weaknesses, headway, crowdedness and headcounts.

We provide our clients technologically advanced reporting tools, designed in-house to produce the highest standards of statistical quality control to locate weaknesses and produce the high possible quality of data.