Management of the Survey Unit at the Jerusalem Transportation Master Plan Team

Sigma 6 is responsible for of the overall management of the survey unit in the Jerusalem Transportation Master Plan Team. As part of the project, the company employs the following five position holders: The Survey Unit Manager, the Statistics Unit Manager, the Control Unit Manager and the Head of Computing and Technologies. The unit employs an average of 100 employees at a given time, of which about 75 are engaged in various field surveys, such as passengers surveys on public bus transport, households travel habits, travel-generating sites, demand for parking and surveys around the security checkpoints. About 10 employees are involved in data processing and analysis, methodological planning and writing summary reports that include findings and conclusions. The remaining employees are engaged in control positions that include the quality of work obtained through field work, telephone calls with surveyors and the examination of the products of the traffic counts that are carried out. In addition, the company is responsible for exploring and developing new technologies and information systems for data collection and management.

Management and control of complementary households travel habits surveys in the Be'er Sheva and the Southern region for Ayalon Highways

Sigma 6 was selected by a public tender for the management and control of the project. The activities include planning the survey methodology, preparing a sampling plan in about 50 localities, managing and supervising the execution company, performing logical and telephonic controls on the data received from approximately 2,000 households participating in the survey, analyzing and weighing data, and writing a summary report.