Sigma 6

Sigma 6 was founded as a result of the need for high-quality data collection in the labor market by many planning and research bodies.  

The survey and data collection field is broad and at Sigma 6 we bring the correct knowledge and experience to enable us to specialize in gathering reliable data.

The company emphasizes collecting the correct data, while paying special attention to the validity and reliability of the data using all the technological means available.


Ori Ben Shahar


With over 20 years of managerial experience, 10 of which managing large transportation survey projects Ori has managed teams of over 200 people. Ori has a BA in Business Management and an MA in Management and Public Policy.


Jonothan Brown

Chief Statistician

Jonathan has 11 years’ experience in the statistics industry and has spent the last 8 specializing in transportation surveys. He has a BA in statistics and Master of Business Administration (MBA).


Mattie Abramzon

With over 17 years of experience developing information systems and managing R&D teams, Mattie is a graduate of the IDF elite Mamram unit and has a BA in Economics.

Muli Yehezkel

Business Development Manager
Muli has more than 17 years’ experience in managing, designing and developing software solutions. Muli is a graduate of the IDF elite Mamram unit and has a BA in Management and Economics.

The vision

The Sigma 6 vision is to provide tailor-made innovative solutions to incorporate full control and top quality at all levels of the value chain for conducting surveys.

Sigma 6 works diligently to develop new technological tools for conducting surveys and collecting data without compromising on the high level of quality standards that the company has achieved to date.